As we worship with our giving we are thanking the Lord for:

Jobs & Better Jobs
Money Finding Me

Bringing Benefactors in the Ministry
Raises & Bonuses
Bills Paid Off

Creative Ideas & Witty
 Excess Retirement
Royalties Received  
Quality Transportation for the Ministry (Buses, Vans, Limos & Aircrafts)
Quality Sales & Commissions  
Debts Demolished
Living Debt Free
Quality & Certified Drivers
 Settlements Divine Health  
Quality Transportation for the Laborers (Cars, Vans, SUVs)
Estates & Inheritances
Divine Wealth
Successful Businesses
Interest & Income
Divine Favor of God
Quality Books, CDs, MP3s, Videos & Podcasts (Being published in the Ministry)
Rebates & Returns
Harvest of Souls
Grants for the Ministry
Checks in the Mall
Land & Properties for the
Successful Television Ministries, Radio & Internet Podcasts
Successful Outreach Ministry
Possessing Personal
Successful International   Ministry
Gifts & Surprises
Free Tuition &
There is no Recession in
Park Avenue Christian
Church Ministries
 Finding Money Free CE Credits There is no Recession in the lives of those that are connected to Park Avenue Christian Church

It’s Offering Time Hallelujah!!!!